Finishing Up

Peter —  January 28, 2011

Coming to the end of the week and I’m finishing up several things.  Finishing up a lot of practical preparation for Cor Deo.  It has been encouraging to get Ron’s accommodation confirmed, and get an application in on a place for the three guys moving to Chippenham, and pick up the Cor Deo car, etc.  Now the only detail to work out is the car insurance (we thought we were insured, but the broker who set it up didn’t quite get it right . . . so now I’m hoping the replacement insurance won’t be too painfully high).

And I’m finishing preparation for this Sunday – the last in this sequence of Sundays at Ladyfield.  This Sunday I get to preach a section from John in the morning and then the whole Bible in a message in the evening.  Relate and Enjoy – two nice subtitles to preach under.  The messages are available on this site or on iTunes (under PouredOut I think).  Thanks for praying for this Sunday, I really hope it can be a Sunday of ministry that is pleasing to the Lord.

Last night we finished up a series of studies we have done with the girls on trusting the Bible.  It was their task to present their “Bible Times Museum” to Grandparents from Bristol visiting for the evening.  Hannah and Aliyah did very well.  In a couple of years we’ll probably do the same thing again with Mariah and Joel.  Our prayer is that they will all grow with a deep personal sense of being gripped by the Word of God as they grow toward adulthood.