Fantastic Holiday

Peter —  March 30, 2009

We had a fantastic holiday.  We spent 10 days by Lake Como.  We had Melanie’s parents with us.  We had glorious spring sunshine for 9 of the 10 days.  We had fun adventures around Como, enjoyable trips to a couple of cities, travel in some unusual transport, the sometimes frustrating experience of a 1000-piece puzzle, we made some great memories and it was all over too soon.  Now we have a couple of weeks staying with good friends, using this as a base for life and ministry.  Since the holiday is now over, school is in full swing downstairs (I’ll hear how much adjustment that required at lunch time!)  I have a list of projects to move quickly through, not to mention preparing to preach this weekend.  I’ll leave it there for now, but we will give a more complete account of the holiday and fill you in on some of the funny moments from Joel and the girls.