Encouraging Feedback

Peter —  September 7, 2009

I am always slightly hesitant to share positive feedback via prayer letters since doing so can feel somehow vain (I’m not criticizing those who do, just sharing my own struggle with doing so myself).  On the other hand, by not sharing the feedback I am failing to share encouragement to other members of the team (since the ministry we are involved in is only possible because of our team of prayer partners).  So I thought I’d share a message I received yesterday from an OM worker who was at the conference a couple of weeks ago:

I just want to let you know, I have been so inspired through the seminar on reading the bible at the GO conference. Since that day I have had my 2x 20 minutes bible reading and studying every day and it is so much fun.
It seems that I get to know God in a new, fresh way. I love it.
So keep on going with this seminar, it is so basic, so inspiring and so good!

Messages like that are worth so much in terms of motivation for ministry.  Thanks for being a part of this.