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Novel Idea

Melanie —  December 18, 2015


Last summer when we were in Oregon, we were incredibly blessed by the hospitality of our good friends, Wayne and Tammy Fish, who opened their home to our large family for four weeks.  Staying with this gracious couple was by far one of the biggest blessings of our time in the USA.  Their children are now grown so they let us spread out and fill their beautiful home!

This past year, Tammy has been busy writing her first novel – Spring Thaw.  She was posting it on her website a chapter at a time over the summer.  I started reading it while we were staying there and I got hooked!  Couldn’t wait for her to post the next chapter!

It’s a unique love story that is set in a place near and dear to my own heart – beautiful Oregon.  You’ll enjoy the gently woven together story about two icy hearts melting and you’ll learn a bit about Oregon history and geography along the way.  It’s available as an e-book for $2.99 on Smashwords.  I highly recommend it!  Click here for more information on where to download the book which comes out on 21st December.

If you order before 21st December and use this code (TZ93A), you can download the novel for free.  If you use the code, Tammy would love you to leave a review (she wants honesty!) but it’s not mandatory.  Hope you will enjoy it!

Miscarriage Reflections and Resources

Peter —  February 17, 2015

Feet HeartMelanie has put together a really helpful set of reflections and resources relating to our miscarriage last year.  There is a sequence of reflections from various points in the year following our miscarriage.  There is a page of resources that we have found helpful.  And there is a page of suggestions for how to help a friend who is going through this.  I really appreciate how Melanie has been willing to share the emotional struggle of grief so that others might also find help and encouragement as they face difficult days.  The resources all begin with this page – please click here to take a look.  Perhaps something can be useful for you or someone you know.

Is He Hiding?

Melanie —  November 7, 2014



I am loving the stage Kaylah is at right now (she 3 mos. away from being 3 yrs old).  In the past month, she has started to talk – A LOT!  She chatters away about everything under the sun.  At times, we hear her quoting bits from her story books (from memory) at random moments and talking about people she loves. The other day she and I were driving somewhere together in the van.  I don’t know how we got onto the topic but she started asking me about God and where He was.  I said, “Well, even though we can’t see Him, He’s everywhere and He’s always with us.”  There was a long pause and then she asked, “Is He hiding?”  Big smile from the mum in the driver’s seat.  How to explain this one?  I said something along the lines of that God the Father was a spirit but that Jesus had a body and when He was on earth people saw Him.  And someday He is going to come back and we’ll see Him too.  Another long pause, “Is He back yet?”  Another big smile from me.  “Not yet, but someday when we see Him it will be amazing!”  Like Kaylah, I think we all struggle sometimes with not being able to see God.  It reminds me that our life is a walk of faith . . . but not forever!  Can’t wait to see Him face to face.  There is something about the simplicity of little people that is so precious and refreshing.  Tonight, as I was getting Kaylah out of the bath, she licked my face.  I laughed and said, “Kaylah don’t lick me!”  She said, “Mummy, you are my favourite food.”  Ha!  Gives a new meaning to the “yummy mummy concept.” 🙂

I am thanking God that it’s been an encouraging week.  The kids and I have been working hard on schoolwork and we’ve been enjoying having people in our home.  Last week I was struggling with migraines, bad sleep and a virus and also feeling pretty discouraged.  The last few months have been tough in lots of ways. Life has felt heavy and I have been battling discouragement.  I have been praying and asking God to make my heart thankful and joyful no matter the circumstances.  And I am grateful He has been answering that this week.  I truly desire to be able to praise and thank Him, even when I am NOT having a good week.  Peter has been busy preparing for teaching next week as well as speaking at two Christian Unions in the last week, preaching and church and teaching a few days at a seminary in Wales.  Please pray for his stamina and for eternal fruit from these opportunities.

I had a special treat on Tuesday as I was able to go to Oxford and hear Sally Clarkson speak. There were only 20 spaces at this last-minute meeting and somehow I got a place!  I took it as a hug from God.  I have appreciated Sally’s books so much and it was such an inspiration to hear her speak. She is a godly, experienced mum who writes about motherhood and has been a leader in the homeschooling movement.  Check out her website here.  I came away from the meeting refreshed and eager to read her blog and more of her books!  The most recent one I have read is: Desperate – Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe.  It is excellent and so encouraging.  I think every mum/mom would be so blessed by it. This book, and the others I have read are very suitable for all mothers, whether or not they homeschool.  I love her emphasis on reaching the heart of your child and cultivating relationships.

We’d appreciate prayer as we head into next week.  It’s the the start of a new “Level Two” Cor Deo programme.  We are excited about the opportunity for about 10 people who have already done Cor Deo in some form, to take their learning and growth to the next level. Next week will be the first instalment of teaching.  We will be hosting our Italian friend Andrea and his 9 year old son, Matteo.  Andrea will be doing the Cor Deo course and Matteo will be doing his homeschooling alongside our children.  Hopefully some Italian and English will be learned on both sides too!

Here are a few photos from last month . . . this month’s still to be uploaded!  Thank you for your prayers for our family.

Mairah in her onesie pajamas.  Love her smile!

Mairah in her onesie pajamas. Love her smile!

Now it's Kaylah's turn to try it on!

Now it’s Kaylah’s turn to try it on!  It’s a little big.

The Meadlings at STEAM (train museum).  We went with my parents when they were here as my dad is a train fan.  Their visit was wonderful but went all too fast!

The Meadlings at STEAM (train museum). We went with my parents when they were here as my dad is a train fan. Their visit was wonderful but went all too fast!

Are they ever this quiet at home?!  Nope. :-)

Are they ever this quiet at home?! Nope. 🙂