Novel Idea

Melanie —  December 18, 2015


Last summer when we were in Oregon, we were incredibly blessed by the hospitality of our good friends, Wayne and Tammy Fish, who opened their home to our large family for four weeks.  Staying with this gracious couple was by far one of the biggest blessings of our time in the USA.  Their children are now grown so they let us spread out and fill their beautiful home!

This past year, Tammy has been busy writing her first novel – Spring Thaw.  She was posting it on her website a chapter at a time over the summer.  I started reading it while we were staying there and I got hooked!  Couldn’t wait for her to post the next chapter!

It’s a unique love story that is set in a place near and dear to my own heart – beautiful Oregon.  You’ll enjoy the gently woven together story about two icy hearts melting and you’ll learn a bit about Oregon history and geography along the way.  It’s available as an e-book for $2.99 on Smashwords.  I highly recommend it!  Click here for more information on where to download the book which comes out on 21st December.

If you order before 21st December and use this code (TZ93A), you can download the novel for free.  If you use the code, Tammy would love you to leave a review (she wants honesty!) but it’s not mandatory.  Hope you will enjoy it!