Beyond the Sacred Page – Book Review

Melanie —  March 17, 2016

We’d like to start posting more book reviews from the kids on the website.  To start off with, here’s one from Hannah (makes me want to read it!):

Book:  Beyond the Sacred Page by Jack Cavanaugh

One woman. Haunted by her past, kept from the breaking point by the love of her husband. Called into the court of Queen Anne Boleyn, and caught up in the turmoil that that brings, will she ever find peace again?

One man. A heretic hunter by trade, driven by his passion to see the Tyndale Translation of the Bible eradicated from England. Worried by his wife’s dark hauntings, and caught up in his desire to wipe away all traces of the new Protestant religion, will he ever find peace again?

Pernell and Meg Foxe. One couple, driven apart by one controversial subject, the Bible. When Meg is transformed by reading the banned book, she endeavours to hide it from her husband, who has dedicated himself to eradicate that same book. But when he discovers her secret, a torrent of thrilling and dangerous events unfold. Can Meg show Pernell the power of the Bible, before it is too late???

‘Beyond the Sacred Page’ is a fantastic novel written by Jack Cavanaugh. Set during the troubled reign of Henry VIII, this book masterfully tells the story of the Tyndale Translation, and the fire that it set in England. I give this book 10********** out of 10, for a complex, yet easily understood plot, with remarkable characters and amazing writing. I would recommend this book for ages 13 and up.