Blessed to Travel

Peter —  October 14, 2010

This month has been one of the busiest, probably the busiest, month of travel I can remember. That was not totally my own doing as one trip was moved into this month beyond my control. Nevertheless, it is what it is. And I have to remember that it is a blessing to travel. If you talk to anyone who travels for their work, they would probably affirm that airports and long-term car parks and transit lounges and especially other beds are not the adventure of a periodic family vacation. But it is also possible to grow cold to travel and lose sight of the blessing it is. I think there will be travel in the new creation. The blessing of discovery. The joy of diversity. The adventure of new foods.

So I leave on Saturday for six/seven days in Sri Lanka.  It will be my third trip there, and my second to the Centre for Graduate Studies in Colombo.  This is the graduate school of Lanka Bible College (where I taught on my first trip).  This time I am teaching an MDiv class on Preaching Biblical Narratives.  They selected this subject because there are so many stories in the Bible, and because in the local context pastors need to preach Bible stories effectively (I would suggest that is true everywhere on the planet!)

As I searched for flights for this trip last month I was pleasantly surprised to find that using frequent flyer miles was actually worth it (so often seats aren’t available when you need them, or the taxes end up being almost as much as buying the flight full-price!)  But this time I was able to save a significant amount of money by using the miles and the taxes were low.  I’m thankful for that, and actually looking forward to flying via Singapore (my first time in the almost far east, a place I would love to travel!)

We really value your prayers for us during this coming week.  Me being away is tough on Melanie and the children, so we are glad the month is almost over.  Please pray for the students, for their teacher, for their churches, for their country.