April Photos

Melanie —  May 5, 2011

I’ve been promising to put photos on the web . . . which is always partially for my Mom and Dad . . . and as I type they are on their way to Chippenham on the coach from Heathrow!  I’m sure they’ll appreciate seeing us in the flesh more than the photos, but for all the rest of you who are interested, here are some from the past month.

The children received season passes to Bowood House for their birthdays. We went there the day it opened. There is a great adventure playground there and Joel loves the ballpit.

The grounds of Bowood are very beautiful and we have all enjoyed God's amazing creation as the seasons change.

A common sight in our house and one this Mom loves to see!

Now Mariah can read too! With Joel, it's an outfit a minute . . . but even soldiers have to stop for a story now and then.

She's enjoying short chapter books now and I keep finding her reading in unusual places!

Here our little friend Lucy finds Mariah reading again.

And I guess I am out of a job as a homeschooling mother . . . Mariah found the "Teach Your Child to Read" book and started to teach Joel!

Mariah and Joel are inseparable at home. The love (and sometimes fighting too!) flows easily. I had to take this photo as Joel told me he was dressed as a preacher. 🙂

"Joelius Caesar" has been spotted in Chippenham!

Joel insisted on dressing like "Prince William" for the party in our neighbourhood on the royal wedding day!

This is Mariah and her friend at the party with their "William and Catherine" teddy bears.

Catherine and William 🙂

Happy 35th Daddy!

Who is that silly family, anyway?!

A big highlight of the past month was the birth of baby rabbits.  One of our rabbit mums had just one baby and his/her name is Vanilla.  Here are a few photos and you can see how she’s grown.  She is 4 weeks old now.  Our other litter of 3 babies was born on Easter Sunday and they are too tiny to take pictures of yet.

Here she is sitting in the hayrack!

Hannah takes a break from reading for a cuddle with Sandy, our daddy rabbit.

Here we are on Easter Sunday in our back garden.

We are going to be leaving to go pick up my parents in a few minutes now.  We are excited to spend time with them for the next 12 days.  It’s been a very busy period for us so we are hoping for some time for relaxation.  On an unrelated note, I found out that Mariah has a water infection which explains why she’s been slightly off-colour for a few weeks.  I am just really grateful that we figured out what it was as she had no classic symptoms and they were testing her for something else.  Hopefully the antibiotics should do the trick and she’ll have more energy soon.  As always, thank you for your prayers, especially for Cor Deo and also for the many chances we are having lately to influence others around us.  Pray that we’ll stay plugged into the source of life – our True Vine – so we can then be giving freely to others.