We Finally Updated Our Site!

Peter —  February 5, 2018

After too long we have finally been able to update this site with new pictures and content.  Here are some of the pages you might like to take a look at:

The Eight of Us is now up to date with the children all present and at the right age! We have an overview of our ministry that is current, along with a schedule that includes some of what is happening in the next months.

There are pages with homeschooling information, reflections on miscarriage, and several pages on book suggestions – including an updated list from Melanie, and several other lists too!

Speaking of books, if you’d like an overview of the books Peter has written, click here.  Also if you’d like to know where to find recordings of Peter preaching or teaching, click here.  Our past email updates are here, and financial support info is here.

Please have a wander around the site and let us know if you spot anything that is out of date!