Miscarriage Reflections

Losing a baby through miscarriage was always one of my worst fears . . . something I never thought I would be able to cope with.  When we miscarried our sixth child in January 2014, it felt like the tears would never stop.  As we were dealing with the loss of our baby, reading the experiences and thoughts of others helped me to know that my feelings were normal and that I wasn’t going crazy.  It also helped to give me hope that God would indeed heal my broken heart.  I have decided to share some of my writing as I hope it will do the same for others who may be hurting.  May God cause the comfort we have received to flow into the lives of others.

Read my early reflections following the miscarriage here . . . Breaking the Silence (Feb 2014)

During the year following the miscarriage, God brought me through a healing process – gradual but definite. I can attest to His goodness, faithfulness and power to heal.  Here are some writings that chronicled our journey

Read my reflections seven months later here . . . Tears (Aug 2014) 

I struggled a lot with deep sadness in the weeks leading up to the due date of our baby. We had a little memorial as a family that was very special for all of us and seemed to really help us to process our grief.  We all wrote letters to the baby (even the children) and then sat together and read them to each other (through many tears).   Here is a description of that day. . . Due Date Reflections (Sept 2014)

A poem I wrote about our miscarriage

And my reflections one year later here . . . (Jan 2015)