Yesterday, Today, This Weekend

Peter —  June 16, 2011

Yesterday we finished the mini-series of evening classes at Ladyfield.  This seemed to go well and was a blessing to be part of from my perspective.  This morning I am heading over to London to speak to the UCCF staff of several areas in their Summer School gathering (I get to look at Old Testament narrative, so lots of Genesis today!)  This weekend I am speaking in Guildford on Saturday evening and Sunday morning (on prayer and then Father’s Day), before coming back to Ladyfield for Sunday evening.  Finally on Tuesday I get to do a day in Hebrews with another UCCF Summer School.  This is a very busy few days, so we appreciate your prayer!

Just four weeks of Cor Deo are left and then we’ll be off for a week as a family for a holiday in Devon.  I think there are six people in the house looking forward to that, although ending this season of Cor Deo will also be a sadness since the men in the group have become a dear fellowship of brothers.  Ok, I need to wake the children and head into the day . . .