Wow, What a Group!

Peter —  February 28, 2009

70 people came to the preaching seminar today.  What a group!  Motivated, interested, and lots of them.  It is so encouraging to be around people motivated to learn and improve in this area of preaching.  After 8 hours (including breaks), it is now time to make sure I’m ready to preach tomorrow.  Thankfully I typically don’t get tired from teaching.  Tomorrow I have the morning at Sun Valley (a report and a message in two services), then in the afternoon some of the young guys from Fairhaven are coming over to pick me up and grab a couple of hours together before I go to Fairhaven and give the devotional, plus a report there.  Then to the airport for an evening flight to Portland, where I pick up the borrowed car (what a blessing that’s been this week), head to Melanie’s parents’, then sleep, finish packing and head back to the airport with Aliyah to head home.  I’m ready to be home!  Thanks for praying for today – what a privilege to be able to teach in this area of preaching.