Which Room?

Peter —  July 6, 2010

We just heard that we have the house we applied for last week, so we’ll be moving at the start of August! This is exciting news for us. So some of our conversations relate to what will go where in respect to the various rooms in the house. This allows an overly perfect segue into the subject of this post! Last week I mentioned the new Cor Deo site which has enjoyed a successful facelift surgery in recent days. One of the things we hope will come of that is a weekly conversation prompted by posts from myself and Ron. Today I posted the first real Cor Deo post on the site (and it is about which room our spiritual life really grows in – see the connection?)

Please take a look, and if possible, please add a thoughtful comment – we would really appreciate that! Here is the link that if you click it, you’ll find yourself there, at www.cordeo.org.uk!