What Other Title Would Work Pre-Weekend?

Peter —  July 16, 2010

I always seem to write a post at the beginning of the weekend.  Not sure what original title to use.  We’ve been clearing out in anticipation of our move (2 weeks from Monday).  I won’t let Melanie near my books, but she’s done a great job of reducing the inventory of toys and children’s clothes.  Tonight we have friends coming over, then tomorrow we are long overdue for dates with the little Meads (i.e. they are needing some one-on-one attention – parental code for something relating to lack of structure due to being out of school season!)

Tomorrow evening I will be up in Bishop’s Stortford to lead a theology study group.  I was delighted to discover the chapter they have read is on Church Government.  That should be a fun discussion, then on Sunday I preach twice there.  Please pray for this to go well, and for us to stay sane as we approach the move.  I’ve said several times our goal is to move by faith rather than by stress.  Not exactly moving to Canaan, but it is west of the starting point.

On Wednesday I took Ron over to Chippenham to look around, check out what’s available to rent in the town for accommodation possibilities and see the church.  It was great to spend some time with friends there and he thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the future home town of Cor Deo.  Thanks for praying for us.  Our prayer letter and new prayer card should be coming to you in the last couple of days (UK) and in the next few days (US).  Please let us know if you didn’t get it and would like it – just send an email with your address and we’ll make sure it is on the way!