Weekend at Otford

Peter —  January 22, 2010

This evening Aliyah and I are heading over to Otford Manor for an Unlocking the Bible Weekend.  It only seems like 36 hours since I got back from Germany . . . which it is.  The conference in Germany went well and I am excited about the latest group of new recruits heading out across the world this weekend (please pray for them!)  So now to Otford.  About half an hour drive away, Otford Manor (or Oak Hall) is a beautiful old country manor in a beautiful setting.  I didn’t speak there in 2009, so it is good to be back for one weekend in 2010.

The timing of the weekend must be good, as the place is full.  Aliyah is joining me (Hannah did last time in September 2008) – so she’ll be sleeping on the floor in my room, hanging around and hopefully blessing folks with her smile and helpfulness.  I speak once this evening, four times tomorrow, then a couple of sessions on Sunday morning . . . so it is a busy time.  The subject is a great one though – Getting to Grips with the Gospels.  No hope of covering everything that probably needs to be covered, but I’m excited about what we do get to cover together.

Please pray for the weekend to go really well and for everyone to not only encounter each other in a beautiful setting, but to encounter the Lord in a fresh way as we look at four wonderful books of the Bible that speak of Him!

(Incidentally, UK folks, if you haven’t signed the online petition about the Equality Bill . . . please do so immediately.  If this gets through as it stands the implications will be shocking!  Here’s a good place to get a bit of background and to direct you on to the petition site –ccfon.org)