Time for a Break

Melanie —  September 23, 2012

We have had a very busy few days, well, few weeks actually . . . maybe it’s a few months, really!  Coming off the back of our USA trip, the last weeks have been very full on top of getting over jet lag (Kaylah is sleeping well again now, praise the word).  Peter has been going non-stop with ministry and we’ve been getting ourselves re-organized at home, starting school, etc.  As soon as Peter gets home from preaching at church, we will be driving to a friend’s vacation house in Devon for a 6 day break.  We are really desperate for a break so we’d really appreciate prayer for rest and relaxation and time to connect as a family, especially for Peter and I to get some good time together.  We’re looking forward to playing games, reading books, watching some dvds and curling up by the fire.  The Cor Deo invitational (first one ever) was a real success so we are thankful for that.  And we enjoyed re-connecting with friends who came to attend it.  Yesterday we went to the wedding of one of the guys from the first Cor Deo season. It was a joyful occasion which we all enjoyed.  But honestly, we are really tired and ready for this holiday time.  Thanks for praying for us.  The weather is very rainy, so please pray for safety on the roads as we drive tonight.