The Oregon Trail

Melanie —  April 30, 2008

After many miles travelled, we are finally in Oregon. Not quite “home” in Hillsboro yet, but we are in the land of mountains and evergreens. We’ve been drinking in the gorgeous green scenery. Our trip from San Francisco today was mostly uneventful. Joel has been a bit ill the past few days and he threw up in the car as we crossed a mountain pass today. He has had a touch of a cold and has thrown up a few times in the past couple days. But he seems really happy, so we’re not really sure what is going on with him. We would appreciate prayers for healing for him. Tonight we’re staying in a motel in Grants Pass and so tomorrow we’ll drive the final 250 miles.

Our last two church visits were great. Please pray for the people who have heard us speak about missions, especially for those who have said they are interested in going as missionaries. In almost every church we have gone to, there has been someone who is seriously interested. Everywhere we’ve gone, we’ve spent time with really wonderful people. We spent the last four nights with a great couple and their six children. Poor Aliyah was so sad to leave that she cried in the car for about half an hour when we left. These two weeks of travelling have been fun and hard at the same time. Meeting people and doing new things (like the horse riding the girls got to do on Monday) is fun – late nights, sitting still in church and saying goodbye to new friends is hard!

Update on my (Melanie’s) headaches: Praise the Lord, I have not had a headache for 7 days!! The sinus pressure I had has really subsided too. I have been following a pretty strict diet (as laid out in the book that was given to us at a church). Basically, it means avoiding a bunch of “trigger” foods for a few months. Then, if you feel better, you can gradually add them back in. It makes figuring out what to eat a little hard but I don’t mind if it’s going to make me feel better!! Thanks for praying. I am flying down to San Francisco on Friday for 24 hrs. to speak at a women’s missionary conference. I’m not sure if the headaches I had after we flew to L.A. were triggered in part by the flight – but please pray that the flight to San Fran. will NOT trigger a headache for me. And more importantly, please pray for the women’s conference on Saturday, that God would work in hearts and use me and the other speakers, as we speak. I am looking forward to it, but honestly, I am a little nervous!

We’ll try to post some pictures soon.