That Went Fast!

Peter —  September 26, 2009

Is it just me, or did this week fly past?  All the normal activities – school work, some instrument practice, playing football with the girls in the back garden a couple of times (Aliyah is a terrier!), etc.  For me it was a fairly normal week, whatever that is.  Working from home on tax returns, in the car on more interesting study (weather was great!), planning meetings north of London, midweek Bible study, attending a parenting course with Melanie, a good workout the other evening, an afternoon off to hang out with Melanie, an hour off to take the children on a nature walk, cooked dinner for the children once, etc.  Now today we plan to get the back garden under control, then we’re off to visit a farm with a friend this afternoon.  Tomorrow I drive 2 hours to Chippenham for the day.  I always enjoy visiting that church and will be there for the next two Sundays.