Summertime Together

Peter —  July 30, 2021

It has been a busy summer for us.  Having Hannah home and Aliyah preparing to leave has added to the busy feeling around our house.  Then the church activities after months of restrictions – it was tempting to add lots of events together!  We tried for a church weekend away a few weeks ago but then had to reschedule to a different venue because of continuing Covid restrictions.  Sadly, we had to cancel the rearranged weekend away too.

We had no idea how many would be having to isolate in the last month or so.  Several school children were told to isolate after their classmates tested positive.  Then several families have developed symptoms and tested positive.  Right now we are in isolation, with seven out of eight of us confirmed positive for Covid-19.  Melanie is the only one so far to stay negative on her tests!  Hopefully, this will help us when we travel to the USA next month as there is some credit for having recovered from the virus.

For us, the biggest sadness has been that Hannah has had to delay her flight back to university, which has cut out a few days visiting Noah on the way.  We all feel for them.  And we are sad to have to cancel the church weekend away.  We are so grateful for a church family that is rallying around each other and offering help during isolation.

Right, now I need to lie down again and let me immune system fight this virus!  Thanks for praying for us.  Please pray for recovery from the virus, but also for travel plans to come together for Hannah, and then for the rest of us too.  Making travel plans has never felt so complicated!