Summer 2010 Reading

Peter —  September 3, 2010

Here are four books I read (or partially read!) this summer:

Already Gone – Why Your Kids Will Leave Church and What you Can Do About it, by Ken Ham

The title intrigued me and so did the content of the book, which is based on extensive research done among young adults who have left church.  I think every parent and every Sunday school teacher should read it.  I was surprised to learn that most young adults who abandon the church and God, have already decided church is irrelevant by junior high or earlier.

Children are being taught Bible “stories” in church and “facts” in science class.  When they figure out that these two conflict, they believe the “facts” rather than the “stories” and write off church as irrelevant to their lives. Implication: we need to teach our children that the Bible is absolutely true and relevant and also teach them to stand up to the lies they will encounter in school and in the media.

Much, much more valuable info in this book . . . if you have children or teach them, read this book!

Calm My Anxious Heart, by Linda Dillow

I read this book this past summer for the third time!  I highly recommend it to any woman, regardless of whether you think you struggle with anxiety/contentment or not.  There are 12 chapters and a Bible study that goes with each chapter.

I read it during what was a high-stress time in our lives (furlough, preparing to move) and God really worked in my life in a major way through the book and the studies.

I did the studies with a friend from Oakhall Church (I was in the USA and she was in the UK and we emailed our thoughts) and she also was a great blessing and encouragement to me.  It looks like our women’s group at Ladyfield will be studying it starting in January.

Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle by Corrie ten Boom

My dear friend Laura told me she was reading this and then when I expressed some interest in reading it, she hunted down a copy and had it sent to me.  It is out of print but well-worth the work to find a copy.

The back says the message of the book is “simple: if you trust God and remember his promises, He will give you the courage and strength to face the future unafraid.”  I read part of this book during our pre-moving months and it was a great blessing.

Intimate Issues, by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus

Subtitle is: “21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex.”  This book is more of a resource, rather than a book you would read straight through.

All the sections I’ve read have been extremely well-written, biblical, challenging and encouraging.  Sex is not a subject Christian women often talk about.  Thus it is an area where too often we have taken our views on the subject from the world, rather than the Bible.

The authors are mature Christian wives and Bible teachers rather than sex “experts” or psychologists so reading the book is like talking to a godly friend who you trust.

From the back cover: “Filled with warmth, wisdom, and a touch of humor, this informative resource will serve as your trusted guide to becoming the godly and sensuous wife God created you to be.”