Sisters in Time Series

Peter —  March 28, 2012

The “Sisters in Time” series are perfect books for any girl who loves history. This series covers important periods of time in American history from 1620 to 1945.  From cover to cover they are crammed with adventure and excitement.

My favourite book so far is called “Elise the Actress,” which is set in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the climax of the American Civil War. Elise loves to put on plays to divert people’s minds from the gloominess of war. When she befriends a man who people call a traitor, she is forced to make an important decision that will affect her family and friends. To find out what happens you will have to read the book.

I have enjoyed these books so much for two reasons: Firstly, I absolutely adore history, and these books are chock full of it. And secondly, a lot of times I find that the girls in the books are not so different than me. I highly recommend these books for any girl age 10 and over.

* Note: Some of these books may deal with slightly heavy or sad topics.  /   There are twenty-three books in the series.