Saturday Night

Peter —  December 10, 2011

I just got back from the church where I was running through my message for tomorrow morning (on Christ our Priest).  It’s been a good day today.  This morning we had our weekly “special breakfast” which was cinnamon raisin bread this time.  Then we went to a festive children’s club run by another church and stayed for lunch.  After running some errands this afternoon with Aliyah, I took all the children for an hour of football.  They all really enjoy playing and are starting to get better (I lost more than I won . . . although I wasn’t really playing to the max).  We had a quick meal tonight, watched a Christmas video, got them down to bed and I went out to preach.  If they were me, I’d be hearing a lot of snoring now.  Give me a few minutes and if they wake up they will hear some!