Saturday Fun

Peter —  August 18, 2014

On Saturday morning we had a fun trip to the local town of Lacock to see the “Lacock at War” event.  The web advert wasn’t too exciting so we didn’t expect much – perhaps a few jeeps in a field (and a couple of hours of quiet for Melanie at home).  It turned out to be a lot of fun!  We had a great time exploring all the various vehicles, stands, exhibits, etc.  In the middle of the field was a marquee with a 1940’s musical act which the children found amusing.  All around the outside were multiple vehicles (jeeps, motorbikes, etc.) and lots of people in WWII uniforms and clothing.  It was a bit strange seeing German uniforms, and I had to wonder why you would choose that option!

Here is Joel with a machine gun.  The friendly guy with him gave us all a great lesson in how to disarm a hand-grenade, as well as explaining why more Americans died from grenade accidents than British soldiers did.JoelStenn

One retired soldier decided Hannah needed to feel the weight of contemporary uniform and before she knew it, she was all dressed and ready to go . . .

Han1Not particularly intimidating, just one finishing touch:


Kaylah enjoyed climbing on the most modern vehicle present.  The Army recruiting team asked for a vehicle and expected a jeep.  Instead they got three-quarters of a million pounds worth of armoured vehicle fresh back from Afghanistan.


It was a fun morning out!  In the evening I was able to take my teenage daughter out for a date.  We had been talking together about standards and a faith-filled approach to complex world of romance and relationships.  A few weeks back we went to Bristol and found a purity ring for her.  Saturday we enjoyed a meal at a little Italian restaurant, followed by a walk around Corsham, then another quick visit to Castle Combe.  Special memories together!

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