Safely Here

Peter —  April 16, 2008

If you’re checking to see if we arrived, we have . . . thanks for checking (and praying!)  The day has gone really well.  The biggest problem was forgetting to bring Joel’s bear.  While it might be good to break him of his sleep prop, we don’t really want to do it right now.  Bear is being sent so he should be here soon.  The flight was long, but good.  We all slept a total of zero minutes.  Basically there was no sleep, and no crying, and lots of walking around, wasting time in the back of the plane, etc.  We were on the plane for over 11 hours, so for it to go so well was a real answer to prayer.  Aliyah got locked in a toilet, Mariah started to strip in the aisle (to the amusement of all but Mom who was just out of reach!)  Talking of Mom, she put the lid on Joel’s cup after it had been refilled and sprayed a beautiful arc of water over the seat into the hair in front.  Apart from that lady who didn’t seem to see the funny side of it, the other passengers can really have no complaints at this family of 6.  After we arrived we got all our 7 bags, 1 cot, 4 car seats and headed out to take the more than two hour drive to our friend Carol’s house.  Mariah cried for the last part of this journey, but again, it could have been so much worse.  Now they are all wiped out and we’re about to join them in sleepy-land.  Hopefully they won’t be waking us at 4am though.  Once we do get up, I’ll re-read this post to see if it is coherent!