Report from the European Leadership Forum

Peter —  May 30, 2014

Yesterday I returned after a week at the European Leadership Forum in Wisla, Poland.

What is it?  The ELF is a collection of conferences that happen together every May in central Europe.  For the last two years, we have met in Poland.  This was my fifth ELF, and my second as a Network Leader.  This means that I am leading the two networks for Bible Teachers and Preachers.  There were over 700 people attending the ELF.

How did the Networks Go?  The two Bible Teachers & Preachers networks went really well this year.  We had between 50-60 participants in the networks. I spoke in both, along with Huw Williams (Cor Deo 2011), and a couple of others.  In the Advanced network, we focused on John’s Gospel, which was a delight to study with others.  I was also able to interview John Lennox in front of the two groups.  John was the main speaker for the ELF again this year (he was very good, as always).

Other Teaching?  Apart from the Bible Teachers & Preachers Networks, I also spoke in a couple of workshops and did the standard video interview for speakers.  All the sessions went well.

Other Highlights?  The ELF is a good place to attend some teaching sessions, but it is especially good as a place to meet up with people.  I probably had about 30 significant and helpful conversations over the course of the five days.  As well as connecting with old friends and people involved in various ministries, it was also great to make some new friends from the UK, Europe and the USA.  The conversations were the highlight of the ELF.

The Hotel?  The hotel was built by the communists as a luxury resort.  It was great to hear John Lennox reflect on his times visiting that region of Poland back before the Iron Curtain fell, and how they never dreamed that this great hotel would one day be filled with Christian leaders from across Europe.

Auschwitz – I was able to visit Auschwitz with a few friends on the first day there.  What an overwhelming and sobering experience that was.  It is so sad to see what evil humans are capable of, and so strange to imagine that it was so recent.  I won’t describe the day any more than that, but am thankful that I had the opportunity to visit.

Thank you for praying for us during these days if you knew I was away.  Everyone at home is well and it is so good to be back together again now.