Melanie —  August 1, 2008

Can I just say that true repentance is a beautiful thing?  I won’t go into all the details, but we had true repentance in our house tonight.  I had an amazing evening with Hannah and Aliyah – “the second best in my life,” Hannah said. (The first being when she became a Christian.)  I journaled this morning that God would let me be a channel of his grace to my children.  That prayer got answered tonight in a dramatic way.  My heart is so full of thanks to God.

Peter is now away for the weekend, teaching, “Better Bible Study.”  His dad is attending the weekend.  Unfortunately, his mum was unable to come due to a health issue but praise the Lord, is much better than she was yesterday.  Please pray for complete healing for her and for bountiful fruit from Peter’s teaching this weekend.