Record Highs

Peter —  May 17, 2008

It’s Saturday afternoon and I am grabbing an hour in the library to put finishing touches on my message for tomorrow night.  The library is a very nice addition to this town since we moved away, and a perfect place to work when I get the chance (free wireless connection, beautiful views, air conditioning!)  Yesterday, today, tomorrow and maybe Monday we have the joy of record high temperatures in the mid-90’s (that’s about 35 degrees for Brits and Europeans – mid-90’s celsius would really get people going on the global warming issue!)  Our house is unencumbered by air conditioning, so we are sleeping with windows open and cold wet face cloths for the girls . . . all good experience for them.  This morning we got a family picture taken – six adults and five children, and not too much drama.  So that’s the news from here.