Please Keep Praying

Melanie —  April 8, 2010

I was able to speak to Peter on the phone a few hours ago. . .  Peter’s colleague is very ill so Peter has been doing all the teaching.  Pray for stamina for him.  One more day of teaching tomorrow and then he needs to get to the airport.  I still feel amazingly calm and Peter does too.  He even texted me a funny poem this morning about his situation so he is keeping his sense of humour.  God is definitely at work, guarding our hearts with his peace.  It has been a beautiful sunny day here and the we have enjoyed a visit from Peter’s sister and her family.  The children loved playing out in the garden with their cousins and it was a nice distraction to keep my mind from worrying.  Life continues on as normal for us and we hope and pray to have Peter back safely on Saturday.  (Please do not talk to the children about Peter’s situation as I am not wanting to scare them.)