Pictures: Hot & Cold

Peter —  March 31, 2008

Here are some pictures of the last two weeks.  First, let’s take a look at Nigeria:

cmar08-017.jpgThe front few rows of the workshop.

cmar08-026.jpgPreaching on the Saturday morning.

cmar08-040.jpgCan you spot me?

cmar08-042.jpg18 hours later . . . home to snow!

cmar08-047.jpg Doesn’t normally snow this late in the year.

cmar08-090.jpgJoel in his new shoes!

cmar08-093.jpgHere’s a sign I discovered on the door to our back garden (click on it to enlarge it).  Turns out the girls had set up shop and were trying to peddle the meager contents of our yard.

cmar08-094.jpgThe shopkeepers with their stock of wares!

cmar08-096.jpgAnd the shop security guard (actually it’s Joel – worthy of another picture!)