Peter’s Escape From the Mice

Melanie —  September 23, 2008

Peter arrived safely at his Mum and Dad’s flat in Italy at 3:30am last night (many miles away from the mice drama in this house!).  In the end he had a co-driver, Brian, from our church so I guess they were able to share the driving and get there a bit quicker.  He’ll be spending the next few days helping his Dad pack up their things (they have lived in this flat for 32 years) and then drive them in a rented van back to England.  He is also getting to meet up with a good friend tonight.  Pray for safety and a special time of interaction with his Dad.

Here on the homefront, things are going well.  Peter caught mouse #3 before he left on Monday morning (apparently it was a BIG one) and I caught #4 in the afternoon (apparently a tiny one) which one of Peter’s friends kindly came over and disposed of!  I keep setting the live trap and it keeps getting shut, but with no mouse in it.  Hmmm. I think they are bumping into it and the door swings shut before they crawl into it.  The traditional traps were not working for us, so thus the live trap. But now it’s not working either!  These mice are too smart for us!  To be honest, I am not trying too hard to catch any at the moment.  I’d rather catch them when Peter is here!

I woke up with a migraine this morning.  I didn’t feel like I could face the day, but I clung onto the verse, “The Lord is gracious and compassionate,” as I started the morning.  By mid-afternoon it had passed and the Lord really gave me the strength to get through the day with it.  I am really thankful.  It’s been a busy day – schoolwork with the children this morning and homeschool club this afternoon.  I just started attending this weekly group in a town about 30 min. from here.  There are 5 other Christian families who are a part of it.  So far, it has been a great blessing and a huge answer to prayer for me.  This evening I am preparing things for Open House tomorrow -our mother and toddler group.  I am in charge of the book table and of choosing and buying literature.  We have also started doing little gift giveaways to the mums, just to let them know they are special.  Keep praying for fruit from this group.  Pray specifically that people would take things off the book table (we have Randy Alcorn’s little booklet on Heaven on there at the moment) and for mums to come who are hungry for spiritual answers.

I’ll keep you posted on Peter – and the mice of course!