Museums, Seminar, Sickness?

Peter —  January 11, 2009

It’s been a busy weekend, but overall a good one.  Yesterday I led a seminar on preaching biblical narrative at a church in Guildford.  I have really enjoyed preparing for this seminar and hope that I’ll have opportunity to teach this more focused subject again at some point.  Meanwhile, Melanie took the four children to the Horniman Museum near the OM office.  They took a friend from church and had a great time.  Last night was interrupted multiple times, by crying children.  It was mostly nothing, but but culminated with Aliyah being sick again.  It’s been 18 days since we had the sickness in the house and we thought we were clear. of it.  Hopefully this is just a blip, but we’ll have to wait and see.  Please pray that we don’t have to go through multiple spells episodes again as before.  This morning I preached a narrative (Gen.32) at the church in Guildford.  We’ve had a relaxing afternoon and Aliyah seems much better . . . we’ll see how the night goes!