Mariah’s Bedtime Song – Part 2

Melanie —  August 11, 2009


Here’s tonight song from Mariah:

Jesus is very good

Jesus is a very good boy

Jesus is a very good man

Jesus is a very good teller

He never terupts (interrupts)

He never erupts (interrupts)

He never erupts (interrupts)

Some day he will come off the cross

Maybe today he will come off the cross

Ummm . . . let’s just say, we had a brief little discussion after that, as Joel and Mariah lay snuggling in Mariah’s bed.  Amazing what gaps there are in little people’s minds . . . things we think they know but they don’t.  Then again, they sometimes know way more than we think they know!  In the course of the dicussion, Joel asked, “Where is Jesus?” I told him he was up in heaven but someday he was coming back.  Mariah then said, very lovingly,”You know Joel, when you get older and you love God, then when you die you can go to heaven.”  Joel happily said,”OK!” and then went back to sucking his thumb and rubbing his bear-bear’s paw.  Keep praying for them, that they would grow to love Jesus with all their hearts! (Mariah prayed tonight that she would do right and not wrong – great prayer for a four year old.)