Mariah and Heaven

Melanie —  January 9, 2008

Tonight as I was tucking Mariah into bed she asked, “Mommy, could we go to Bethlehem sometime or maybe Jerusalem?” Aliyah and I tried not to chuckle and I answered, “Well, maybe when you get older you can go to Israel and go to those places. Why do you want to go there?” She said, “I want to see Mary and Joseph and the cows.” Aliyah and I did laugh at this point. I told her that when we got to heaven, then we could meet Mary and Joseph. She said, “Could we go to heaven sometime?” I explained that everyone who trusts Jesus as their Savior would go to heaven. “In our car?” she asked. More giggles from me and Aliyah. Fortunately Mariah does not mind us laughing with her, being the entertainer she is! I said, no that people who trust Jesus go to heaven when they die or when Jesus comes back and takes us to be with Him. “In His car?” she asked. I said, “No, God is so big, He doesn’t need to take us to heaven in His car. He’ll just take us in His strong arms.” That satisfied her. Such a privilege to share the gospel. It’s still good news, even to a nearly three year old!

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