Love and Growth

Melanie —  February 22, 2012

Our little Kaylah is 3 weeks old today.  Wow, it actually feels like she’s been with us 3 months!  She has stolen all our hearts and we thank God for her.

Here's Joel, having a chat with his littlest sister. His little voice gets so gentle when he talks to her.

Having a baby is hard work . . . from the pregnancy to the labour and birth and then the post-partum period.  I call the labour the “short” hard part and the first 6 weeks, the “long” hard part.  As I’ve been nursing Kaylah in the wee hours, I’ve been thinking about parenthood and the amazing way God designed babies to grow.  Little Kaylah is totally helpless and really doesn’t do much to facilitate her own growth.  She just hungrily eats and sleeps and depends on me completely to feed her and sustain her little life.  It’s the same with us spiritually.  Ultimately, our growth is all down to HIM as He feeds and sustains us and tenderly cares for us.  He begins the work in our lives and He will complete it in His perfect timing.  What is our role?   To lean on Him in full dependence, just as a newborn baby does and to eagerly hunger for His Word, our spiritual milk.  As I think about how much work it takes to care for a new baby, I am conscious of how much work God does with us.  Does He ever get tired of nurturing us?  No, He is untiring, and always patient and gentle with us and constantly lavishing His love on us.  That same love gets poured into us and we then pour it out to others, including our new baby girl.  What a privilege to sustain a life.  The work is all worth it!

A few more photos for you . . .

With all the willing arms to hold her in the past weeks, Kaylah is now getting used to sleeping in her bed.

She having more alert times and we're getting "almost" smiles from her!

Aliyah doing school work, holding Kaylah!

Sleepy girl

Kaylah we love you. We thank God for you.