Lost and Found – Again

Melanie —  November 14, 2009

It’s been ages since I’ve written on our site . .  . apologies again.  I will try to get some pictures up soon from our week away on Exmoor.  Today was my last full day without Peter.  I do miss him a lot!  He will be home late tomorrow night.  From what I hear, things are going well in Germany so far, although we haven’t been able to talk on the phone today.  Life at home has been going alright.  It’s had its ups and downs.  Last week was rough headache-wise for me, so I am thankful that I haven’t had any headaches this week.  I’ve gone back to my very strict diet again.  It’s just not worth it to eat something and then pay for it with a headache.  Overall my health has been so much better over the past 2 months or so.  I will be starting on some medication and supplements soon to deal with yeast/bacteria in my digestive tract so you can pray these will be effective and I will not feel too yucky during the treatment.  The goal is to get rid of some long-standing digestive problems and hopefully, this will also help my headaches too.  I have also stared on some supplements to support serotonin production which should work in conjunction with the migraine medication I am on.

The kids have been quite well-behaved this week.  But they have had their moments . . . Honestly, my patience was wearing quite thin today and I struggled with holding my tongue.  It seemed there were lots of little things that went “wrong,” that made it hard to keep a good attitude.  But . . . no excuses!  I am responsible for my own attitude no matter how others act (sounds like something I’ve told my kids like one million times!).

Anyways, now for the lost and found story.  Tonight when I put Mariah and Joel to bed, we could not find bear-bear, Joel’s precious bedtime companion.  After 15 minutes of turning the house upside down and praying to find him, bear-bear was still in hiding.  We had tried giving Joel about 10 much more plush animals, but no, only bear-bear would do. (He is well worn with a perpetually soggy right paw.)  Joel lay there in the dark with Hannah, Aliyah and me standing near his bed urging him to think of where bear-bear could be.  We had already gone on several fruitless searches based on Joel’s ideas.  It was silent for a minute.  We all pretty much gave up hope and then a little boy voice said, “Maybe he’s in the blue bag.” Hannah and Aliyah rushed from the room shouting, “Check every blue bag!!!”  (Our children have a thing about bags, so we have more than one blue one!)  They raced into the playroom and then back upstairs triumphantly holding bear-bear, who looked very nonplussed at being rescued from the blue bag.  We had a quick prayer to say thanks to God and then the children settled nicely down to sleep.  OK, that last part is not quite true.  After messing around in their room for nearly an hour, opening and shutting their door multiple times, I finally had to go and remove Joel (fire truck in hand) from Mariah’s bed and tell them no dessert for tomorrow for their bedtime misbehaviour.  Just wanted to present a picture of reality!!  In any case, they are happily asleep now, bear-bear safe in Joel’s bed.

Thanks so much for praying for us.  I will try my best to get some pictures up tomorrow . . . or at least before Joel’s 3rd birthday pictures are taken on Wednesday.