Long Drive, Big Goal

Peter —  November 15, 2010

This afternoon I am driving 225 miles up to Leeds.  It will be my first time there and I am looking forward to it.  There is a gathering of Christian students from the CUs of the universities in the town, and the focus is entirely on missions.  Please pray for me as I speak, and for the twelve missions agencies that will be represented there.  Pray that many of the students will become more significantly involved in missions.  It is sad to see how many Christians have essentially no interest in global missions and are missing out on the joy of participating in what God is doing across the world.  Pray for students to go on short-term missions trips, and for some to go on to long-term missions involvement.

We (my friend from Italy is with me), will spend the night in Manchester and then I’ll drop him at the airport in the morning before returning home.