Fish and Thanksgiving

Peter —  November 22, 2012

Yesterday we took Joel out for his birthday treat: a trip to the Bristol Aquarium.  We left the other four with my parents in Bristol and then Melanie and I took Joel for this special time.  It is great to have several children, but it is also great to get time with just one of them.  Joel had a fun time.  He enjoyed all the fish, especially the sharks (of course!)  He is really pleasant company and we all came home happy after our day out.

Meanwhile, Hannah’s latest book review is on the Meadling Book Review page.

As far as ministry is concerned, the trip to Merseyside is cancelled for this weekend, which is good timing as we could use a relaxed Saturday.  Several people are in the process of exploring whether Cor Deo would be right for them for 2013.  Please pray for Ron and I as we pursue the best for each applicant.  Our co-workers David and Erin are in the midst of their support raising and will be applying for their visas to come to the UK in the next days.  Please pray for them to get the support they need, along with their visas, in time to come over for the start of the Cor Deo season in January.  It will be great to have another couple working with us in this ministry.

And to all of our US friends – happy thanksgiving!  We are so thankful for each one of you.