Kaylah’s Surprising Answer

Peter —  March 25, 2014

Last night I (Dad) was putting Kaylah to bed.  We had read a story and sang the usual repertoire of songs.  I was just putting her in her sleeping bag when I randomly asked her, “how old are you, Kaylah?”  She had been trained to say, “two” by her siblings around her birthday, but I wondered if she would know the answer out of the blue like this.  Her answer?

“Two. . . . ‘Liyah, ‘leven.”  Wow, impressive, but she kept going: “Ri-Ri (Mariah), twelve . . . ‘Annah, thirteen.”  Two out of three was impressive, so I asked about Joel.  “Thirty-eight.”

I was perplexed on multiple levels, but got much more than I expected with a simple question!