It’s hot in Nigeria!

Melanie —  March 19, 2008

I had a two minute phone call from Peter and a text tonight, which was more than I had expected.  Only got tidbits of info for you but you can pray for more people to come to the conference.  Apparently numbers are disappointing so far.  And Peter said it’s very, very hot.  You can pray for his back and his foot, both of which have been injured for awhile but are really bothering him.  It’s these minor things that can really distract you and steal your focus.  In very non-hot Caterham, I had a much better day today.  Our ailments seem to be clearing up.  Hannah had a successful visit to the dr. today.  He removed more wax from her ear and one of the grommets which was on its way out.  She left the office, proudly holding it in a little jar!  A friend watched the other children for me so I did not have to take all of them.  That was a big encouragement and help to me.  All in all, its been a good day.  We are looking forward to Easter weekend now.