I’m Back, Thank You For Praying

Peter —  April 10, 2010

I understand many have been praying for me this week and I really appreciate that.  This post will be necessarily short, but I plan on writing a more complete report for prayer partners who want to request that.  The conference went ahead almost without adjustment despite all the “normal” happenings (for some parts of the world) transpiring outside the walls.  God has protected and blessed us this week.  It was such a blessing to work with the people returning from last year and to see the progress in their lives and ministries.  It is a week that I won’t forget in a hurry for multiple reasons!

I had a long night in the airport – safe, but noisy (if only someone would press pause on the PA announcements in the middle of the night!)  Flights home today went smoothly.  My two colleagues are scheduled to fly out tonight.  Amazingly a man I spent the first flight chatting with last week had rearranged his return travel and we were on the same flight again today.  It was great to see Melanie again, and the children, of course.  Everyone in the house is extra tired tonight, so we’re hitting the hay early.  If you are going to see us in person, please ask about this week and the encouragements we’ve seen.  If you’re not going to see us, I’ll try and do something of a report to share the encouragement with you.

As always, thank you so much for praying for me while I’ve been away – it means so much and certainly makes a difference.  Melanie and I have both had a very peaceful week!