Heaven Came to our House

Melanie —  July 26, 2008

Well, yesterday we had a visitor for dinner. A friend from Portland was in London this week for work and came across the city to see us. His name is Kevin, but Mariah has dubbed him, “Heaven!” She was running around telling Hannah and Aliyah, “Daddy’s gone to the train station to pick up Heaven!” She called him that all evening, much to the delight of the whole family (and “Heaven”). We had an enjoyable evening with him. Today has been a warm English summer day. We have to make the most of these – they’re not too common – so we set up the paddling pool for the girls and they had a blast. Of course, they eventually came in with chattering teeth requesting some hot chocolate but hey, they had a good time! Last year, their paddling pool experience ended with blue lips so they told me they stayed out a long time today so their lips would turn blue again and I would give them hot chocolate. I gave them the non-sugary option – warm apple cider. Honestly, Moms can be so mean sometimes!  It’s been a really relaxing day, with lots of time spent together as a family. It’s so great to be home and be able to really spend quality time together – lots of laughs and joy. We went out for a walk tonight which was cut short because, at almost the same instant, Aliyah stumbled into a stinging nettle plant and Mariah tripped on the concrete path and fell on her face. Unfortunately, she was wearing sunglasses so she got a nasty cut and a black eye where the glasses pressed into her face. Thankfully, she didn’t seem too traumatized and is peacefully sleeping now. We are grateful for your prayers. I really feel God is giving us some restful days now as we re-cooperate from our US trip. Peter preaches the third of 3 sermons on the end of I Peter tomorrow at Oakhall. Pray for fruit.