Peter —  March 24, 2008

I will write about the ministry tomorrow, but I should mention my health since Melanie did.  Thanks for praying.  My back was uncomfortable the first days, but then as I got hit by the stomach issues, I spent less time sitting in sessions and so had less back problems (trade one for the other!)  My foot injury is a weird one – hurt it a month ago wearing the wrong shoes on a day with lots of walking, and it is still bothering me.  Today it was painful with all the walking between trains, etc.  Please pray for it to resolve so I can get more active again.  The stomach thing was obviously something I ate, or a constitutional reaction to what I was eating (although I quite enjoyed much of the Nigerian cuisine from a taste perspective).  It wasn’t a miserable illness at all, but inconvenient and eventually draining in an energy sense (although extreme humidity in high temperatures does that too!)  The humbling reality is that diahhroea is the greatest killer sickness in the world, but for the wealthy with easy access to Loperamide (Imodium), it is seldom more than an inconvenience.  How often do we escape death by the grace of God and the timing or location of our existence?  Hopefully familiar food and diet will restore equilibrium within now that I’m home!