Hannah’s Birthday Photos

Melanie —  March 23, 2013

Lovely lady!

Finally, I am posting Hannah’s birthday photos.  Her outing got delayed twice because of Peter and then me, being ill.  She was very patient!  Hannah loves studying clothing throughout history and so it was no surprise she chose to go to the Fashion Museum in Bath.  It was actually a really fascinating place to visit and we got to see a dress of Queen Victoria’s among many, many other dresses from history.  Hannah’s favorite part though, was the dressing up!

I am feeling a lot better since I posted last weekend but still trying to regain my energy.  Kaylah still seems to be struggling a bit.  She has a fever tonight.  Whether its from teething or connected with her cold, I am not sure.  It will be great to be fully healthy again, but we are really thankful we are not dealing with more serious illness. God has been gracious to us in many ways.  I have been convicted of my lack of thankfulness.  It’s so easy to focus on the negative when we have a wonderful Saviour walking through each day with us. The kids and I have had a good week of schoolwork.  Among other things, we’ve enjoyed some beautiful new picture books, finished a story about a dolphin, looked a bit at Rembrandt’s artwork, talked about the Roman Republic, the Battle of Marathon and Herodotus (Father of History) and started a new biography on Cameron Townsend (founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators. One more week and then we’ll have a week off for Easter.

Please pray for Peter as he speaks morning and evening the next 2 Sundays.  Tomorrow evening, Hannah will be joining the worship group and playing her guitar.  Thank you for praying for our family.  We so appreciate it.