Get In The Car

Peter —  August 3, 2009

A normal Sunday afternoon.  But it wasn’t.  After lunch we had the children get in the car.  Why? We’re going somewhere.  Where are we going?  We’re going to give Mum a break.  An hour and a half later the guessing games were wearing thin, until Hannah finally guessed it – “We’re going to Grandma and Grandpa Mead’s?!”  You probably heard the squeals coming from our car if you were in the northern hemisphere at the time!  They asked if we could stay for dinner, and then squealed louder when they learned we’d stay overnight (toothbrushes and clothes and everything necessary already sneakily hidden in the car).  When we arrived, the girls and Joel crept along the road to surprise Grandpa Mead.  It worked.  He opened the door and they burst into “Happy Birthday to You!”  (You may have heard that too!)  Double surprise!

We had a good time there, and headed home after dinner tonight.  Meanwhile Melanie had over 24 hours to do whatever she wanted to do.  Wild parties?  Sleep?  Learning to breakdance?  No.  It seems that getting herself organized for the next school year was her top priority (with some sleep thrown in too).  Doesn’t matter.  She had a break.  Grandpa had a birthday surprise.  The children enjoyed themselves (and started to learn about car badges on the motorways – VW is the easiest for them to spot).  I suppose I had a day off, in a manner of speaking.  It’s all good!