Found #1

Melanie —  October 19, 2009

Yes, we have found our first lost item!! Mariah’s coat was indeed at music class so now she can be warm for the winter!  Hooray!  We are thankful.  Still haven’t found the horse curriculum book, but stay tuned.  We are hopeful it will turn up.

Today was an awesome day of homeschooling. I’ll give you a little peek into some of what filled our day . . . We read about battles in the Old Testament and read a bit about the story of Ruth too.  Aliyah’s new math book arrived by post just before math time and she was thrilled.  She says her favorite subject is math.  As she did today, she often does extra pages just because she wants to.  For geography this week we are studying the former USSR countries.  Each week we listen to a catchy song over and over to help us memorize the countries and then we color in maps – probably the girls’ favorite part of the day.  In history we are finishing up studying the Vikings.  The girls begged for extra reading today so we could move on to our next book which is a story about Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky.  Hannah and Aliyah both did spelling tests (Hannah learned that “library” is a really hard word!) Mariah did her fifteenth lesson in her 100 Easy Lesson book (reading), and did some work on “long” and “short” in her math book.  And we learned how to order beer and wine in Italian which the girls thought was hilarious (that’s where the cds brought us up to today!).  Yeah, I know – real practical for the kids.  🙂 Anyway, I have to say, the more we homeschool, the more I love it.  Of course we have our days where everything is difficult and everyone is grumpy.  But on good days like today, I say thank you Lord for the privilege of teaching my children.