First Day of School, etc.

Melanie —  September 11, 2010

I have been feeling hesitant to write a post since it’s been such a long time since I’ve written . . . so much ground to cover. But I better just jump in and start where we are and hopefully I can catch up with photos and news as time goes by. It’s been more than a month now since we moved to Chippenham. In a way it feels like it was just yesterday and in another way it feels like we’ve been here forever. The people at church have given us a very warm welcome. We have been impressed with how friendly people are there. We are slowly getting to know names and faces and figure out who is related to who! Sometimes I still get that panicky/sad feeling that comes with everything being so new and unfamiliar but I know that is all part of moving to a new place and church. I know God is helping us to get established in new friendships and ministry . . . it all just takes time and we need to trust HIS timing. We are thoroughly enjoying the house we are renting. I think we finally have it all set up the way we want it and now we get to enjoy it. I still feel so undeserving of living in such a nice house. It is bright and airy and spacious and we even have space to have a “schoolroom.” Yesterday was our first day of school and it went very well – new books, eager students and even the head-teacher/principal (ie DAD!) helped out most of the morning. We are excited to start another year of learning and growing together. (*NOTE: Let me know if you would like specifics to pray for re the children and schooling or if you wnat to know what we are studying this year.) Since we are studying British history, we decided to do British geography so we are teaching the kids to find the major British cities on the map. I think something sunk in, even to Joel, because at bedtime he started asking me questions about Wales and what we would find if we went there. Mariah wanted to know how many miles it was from England. I promised them that I’d show them a photo of a castle in Wales (Caerphilly) this morning if they went to bed nicely and it worked! Now what can I promise to show them tomorrow morning!? Joel has been growing up so much lately, asking all kinds of insightful questions about heaven, hell, death and God. Truly, these are more important subjects than any traditional school topics! This morning we are hoping to head into the centre of town to buy some shoes for the kids as the autumn is fast approaching now. Last night we went for a walk and noticed some of the trees starting to change. I love it when each new season comes . . . I am always ready for the change. God has brought us a new “season” with this move to Chippenham too. Even with the sadness over leaving our old “season” we are eager to see what He has planned for us here. My heart is actually full of thankfulness . . . He is showing Himself so faithful.