Does Jesus Eat Sweets?

Melanie —  August 13, 2009

That was the question Mariah asked me when I was putting her and Joel to bed.  “Well,” I replied, “Maybe He did when he was on earth.”  She then sang me one of her Mariah original songs:

Jesus is our very own God

Jesus is our very own God

Maybe he did eeeeeeat sweets

When He was on earth

He loves us (about 20x)

Some things are true

This song might be true

Jesus is very true (about 10x)

Hmmm . . . good question.  Does Jesus eat sweets?  I guess we’ll find out when we get to heaven.  If He does, my children will be flaunting that in the face of their probably too health-conscious mother. 🙂

We are nearly all packed for our trip to France tomorrow.  The girls are anticipating the swimming nearly as much as, you guessed it . . . the sweet shop!