Conference Pictures

Peter —  August 27, 2008

Thought you’d probably like to see some pictures from the last weeks.  So here you go (remember you can click on a pic to enlarge it a bit).

1.jpg Enjoying the sand pit on a rare sunny day at home!

2.jpg Here are the older girls at their first football (yes, football) match at Old Trafford.

3.jpg Finally, after weeks of anticipation – Playmobil Fun Land!

4.jpg Mariah enjoying the circus.

5.jpg So much Playmobil to play with!

6.jpg Then on to the first conference -with Abi and Esther (fellow missionaries from Westside Bible Fellowship!)

7.jpg Hannah enjoying the children’s program.

8.jpg Aliyah enjoying the Alpine beauty.

9.jpg A stunning gorge near the conference site (near Geneva).

9b.jpg And a cute little Mead to finish!