Christmas Plays

Peter —  December 20, 2009

Melanie’s parents arrived earlier this week and we have been enjoying the snow here (very unusual this close to Christmas).  This weekend has been all about Christmas plays, productions and carol services.  Yesterday we all drove along the slippery roads to Crawley where the homeschool group meet on Tuesdays (Melanie enjoys taking the children to this group most weeks).  The children all took part in a Christmas play, performing well, before it was time for the family slots.  Our family performed a sanctified version of Jingle Bells with two guitars, one ukelele (Joel . . . so more show than music at this point), and female voices.  Then Melanie performed The 12 Days of Homeschool (she did great!)  Today we had the church production.  Joel and Aliyah were shepherds (she graciously switched over from the angelic chorus to keep him company (and under control).  Mariah was an angel, constantly going on her tiptoes to sing into the microphone that was really there for all of their voices.  Hannah was one of the children asking questions of the narrator to drive the story along.  She then performed in the youth choir later on.  It was a fun morning with plenty to be amused at!  This evening was a more sensible Christmas carols by candlelight service.  Melanie took her Mom and the older two girls.  They had a good time.  Now it’s time to sleep before a quick trip to Bristol tomorrow to meet up with my parents.  Hopefully the roads won’t be too bad!