Christmas Photos!

Melanie —  January 1, 2009

Here are a few Christmas photos of the festivities we managed to have in between being sick. Thankfully, it seems we are on the mend now and looking forward to better health, Lord willing, this year.


Here are the girls dressed up for the church Christmas play. Hannah was the “teacher” of the class who were learning about Christmas. Aliyah was an angel and Mariah was a carol singer (her line was, “I like the Christmas carols we sing at Christmastime!” and she said it very well.)


We made cookies the night before Aliyah got sick. Sadly, we couldn’t deliver them all to our friends as we had planned. But hey, they were fun to make . . .


Oh yeah, fun to eat too!


Hey, Mariah, is there really a cookie under all that frosting?!


Spot the non-sick girl with the wild smile! Time to celebrate!


And here was the other healthy child on Christmas morning! Look how handsome he looks in his new winter coat.


Another Christmas morning moment, with good friend Bob!

OK, this is a few days later, when Hannah and Aliyah were feeling better . . . they got snowflake headbands from Grandma.


But better than the presents, was getting to be with Grandma and Grandpa.


And here’s Joel having some man-time with cousin Daniel, who just gave him all his old train tracks and trains. Thank you, Daniel for such a wonderful present!

Happy New Year everyone!